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Jonnine Nokes (they/them) is a disabled transperson, artist and musician based in Narrm, so-called Australia. They have been composing electronic sound since 2008. They have performed and released experimental electronic music in numerous one-off collaborations and under their dead name and many solo monikers including Hamburger Lady, Blossoming Anus, J. Caressé and their current project, Horse Pills. They play synthesiser in synth-punk band, screensaver. They were a member of the synthwave/industrial duo, Activities of Daily Living.


They are a co-founder of the fledgeling record label Tender Collection, devoted to queer/feminist electronic, punk and outsider music. They previously ran Totem Tapes, releasing the early works of Superstar, Milk Teddy, Footy, Sissysocks and others.

Jonnine is passionate about all forms of electronic sound and allowing everyone, particularly marginalised people, access to the knowledge to create their own electronic sound and music. Since 2018 they have been a Studio Supervisor and Educator at the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS) where they facilitate workshops on the history of MESS and electronic sound in so-called Australia, eurorack modular synthesis, and an introduction to synthesis for women, trans and nonbinary people. They also teach two courses—Foundation in Electronic Sound Production and SYNTHSTART—and deliver workshops outside the studio for young people. Jonnine has also facilitated workshops on synthesisers and live sound engineering for Melbourne Sound School.

In 2012, they graduated with a Fine Arts degree, majoring in sound art, from RMIT University. Much of their artwork has been multichannel video and sound installations. They have exhibited sound and video work nationally and internationally. Many previous works were politically charged, exploring forms of radical resistance to far-right politics. Their current focus is far more corporeal in nature as they navigate mental and physical challenges, violence, and their health, history and gender identity.

New work is due for release in late 2023/early 2024 for their Horse Pills project and under their own name.

They are currently conducting research for an honours thesis on sexual assault and gendered violence support for transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) sex workers in the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies at La Trobe University.


Photo by Kalindy Williams

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